Top tips for giving up the booze

So you want to give up the hard stuff.  Maybe you want to take a month off (or even longer) either way you’re probably dreading it and thinking about all the challenges ahead.

What about that party in a few weeks?

How do I tell people I’m not drinking?  

Fear not - with these tips you’ll find it is much easier and fun then you’ve ever thought possible

Get some inspiration 

There are some amazing instagram pages and online resources to help you get into the non-drinking mindset.  Engaging in the non-drinking community can help you feel supported and will arm you with some great information about what drinking does to your body and mind.  

Find a buddy 

Starting a new habit is always easier with a friend to support you along the way.   You are probably not the only person in your circle looking to cut back (1 in 5 people are!) so recruit a mate to help you along.  

How to tell people 

One of the most challenging parts of giving up or cutting back is having to tell the people in our lives about it.  What will have been an entirely personal decision suddenly becomes something that everyone wants to comment on or judge. If you get a negative reaction - don’t worry - that is very normal.  If you do come up against pressure to drink try to reassure people you’re just doing this for you and you’re still here to have fun. If you continue to get pressure try and change the topic onto them and away from your drinking choices. 

Remember, you don’t need anyone’s approval to do what’s right for you.  

Be prepared 

If you’re going to a party or a BBQ bring your own non-alcoholic options which will take away any awkward conversations when you arrive. If you’re going out to a bar or pub try and do a little research beforehand and pick somewhere that has some non-alcoholic options. Always chat to the bartender to see what they can create for you but when in doubt some easy options are a classic Lemon, Lime and bitters or Soda and Lime.  

If you’re a regular somewhere ask your bartender to stock some of your favourite low or now alcoholic drinks so you always have somewhere to go with options for you!

Focus on what you’ll gain not what you’re losing

Now you’re not drinking to the wee hours you’ll be feeling fresh every morning and this is a great opportunity to use those extra hours you’d normally be using to recover from the night before.  Make a list of some activities you’ve been wanting to do but haven’t gotten around it. Maybe a Sunday morning swim or hike, do something creative to beat the crowds by running your errands in the morning.