Brunswick Aces Non-alcoholic IPA tasting pack, includes Gruvi IPA, Molly Rose Citra Citra IPA, Upflow New World IPA, Athletic Brewing Run Wild IPA, Sobah Pepperberry IPA and Big Drop Paradiso IPA

IPA Tasting Bundle 6-pack

Brunswick Aces
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If you're a fan of IPAs then we've got a tasting bundle perfect for you, this will allow you to try some of the best non-alcoholic IPAs on the market.

The expert bar team taste-tested everything available on the market and put together this bundle for you to enjoy.

Athletic Run Wild IPA
Gruvi IPA
Sobah Pepperberry IPA
Molly Rose Citra Citra IPA
Big Drop Paradiso IPA
Upflow New World IPA

N.B When some lines are temporarily out of stock, alternates will be substituted at an equal or higher value.