Kehrwieder u.NN IPA

Kehrwieder u.NN IPA

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From master craft brewer, Oliver Wesseloh in Hamburg comes ü.NN (über Normal Null) IPA alkoholfrei, the first German non-alcoholic IPA. A dry-hopped non-alcoholic India Pale Ale that has the traditional light and refreshing character of IPA.

Kehrwieder was the first brewery in Germany to brew a dry-hopped lager. Brewed using the highly fruity aroma hops, Simcoe & Mosaic, and with a special yeast, the result is a full IPA flavour, but without the alcohol. ü.NN alkoholfrei IPA has a IBU level of Bitter 45.

The alcohol is not removed for the ü.NN. A special yeast is used that can only ferment very few of the sugars that are available in a regular beer wort. ü.NN will start fermenting like a regular yeast but runs out of food just before it has produced 0.4% abv. After that the yeast is still alive and available for maturation.

The beer smells surprisingly fruity with hints of mango, lime and pineapple. It pours with a good head. It is a nice golden colour and cloudy, – looks great in a glass! It is not overly hoppy and is strong on bitterness, with a hint of the fruitiness that was evident on the nose. It’s not watery at all and has a lasting finish.

Winner: Gold medal – 2018, Silver Medal – 2019, European Beer Star, category: alcohol free top fermented, Germany. Silver medal – 2017, Alkoholfrei IPA, Meininger International Craft Beer Awards, Germany.

This drink may emulate the alcoholic version and could give sensory cues that you might find triggering if you are battling addiction.