Fools Gold

The fruity flavor of the marmalade together with brown sugar and flamed orange zest accompany the sweet rum notes of Ovant Royal beautifully and make for a very fancy golden mocktail so convincing you might even think it's real. 

60 ml Ovant Royal 
1 bar spoon Orange Marmalade 
1 Lemon wedge 
½ tsp Brown Sugar 
1 dash Orange Bitters 

Flamed Orange Zest 
Clear Ice Block 

Add orange marmalade, lemon wedge, brown sugar and bitters to the cocktail shaker and muddle. 
Add Ovant Royal to the shaker, fill with cubed ice and shake for 5 seconds. 
Double-strain into a rocks glass filled with a clear ice block. 
Flame the orange zest and garnish. 

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