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What is the difference between non-alcoholic, dealcoholized, alcohol free?

These terms all mean different things in different countries.

In Queensland (where we operate), the Liquor Act 1999 defines alcohol as a spirituous or fermented fluid or another substance in which the level of ethyl alcohol (ethanol) is more than 0.5% by volume. 

At Killjoy we don’t stock anything above 0.5% ABV and all our products have the ABV listed on their product pages.

When we use these terms this is what we're talking about

Non-alcoholic: These have essentially no alcohol in them but there may be traces of alcohol (0.5% ABV or less). There are traces of alcohol in things we consumer everyday such as pineapple, orange juice and sometimes bread. This is minuscule amount of alcohol and is almost impossible to feel any impact of the alcohol.

Alcohol-Free: Alcohol-free will always be your safest bet if you are unsure what alternative is right for you. If a product is classified on the bottle as alcohol-free or as having 0% alcohol, that means there is no alcohol in the product.

De-alcoholised: is generally removing all or some of the alcohol from a beverage prior to being pasteurised and bottled.

Is it safe for me to drink products with 0.5% ABV if I’m pregnant or on medication?

We always recommend seeking advice from you doctor if you’re unsure on what you can consume.  If you’re unsure we’d recommend products listed as 0% ABV just to be safe.

Can I get drunk on drinks with 0.5% ABV?

Simple answer is no. The alcohol levels are so low that generally your liver processes that alcohol much faster than you can consume it. An average man would need to drink around 10 200ml glasses of a 0.5% beverage to feel any cognitive impact.  

Storing products

Some of our products are very natural are sensitive to extreme changes in temperature, (particularly heat) so we ask you read the storage details on the bottles of each product and follow according. We’re sure you’ll want to get everything in the fridge so you can start drinking anyway!


How do I know if my order has shipped?

When we ship your order we will send you a confirmation email with a tracking number. You Can use this to track your order and it’s whereabouts.  You’ll generally receive this 24- to 48 hours after your order has been processed.

What happens if I need to change my order or shipping information?

If you need to change anything about your order or shipping information please email is straight away at hello@killjoydrinks.com so we can update your order. We may or may not be able to make the change depending on how quickly you get in touch with us but we will do our best.

Why was my order cancelled?

This is very unlikely to happen but occasionally we do cancel orders dur to suspicious activity or shortage of materials or supplies.  If we do cancel your order, we’ll contact you immediately with an explanation. 

Can I return or exchange something?

We respect your rights under Australia consumer Law. You’re entitled to a replacement or refund for any major failure of the product or if there are any quality issues. If in the event your purchase is faulty, damaged, wrongly described or breaches a consumer guarantee we will happily exchange the product upon presentation of your proof of purchase. All returns and exchanges are handled via email hello@killjoydrinks.com