Who are Killjoy?

Good idea. Zero proof.

Killjoy is an online retailer that curates the world’s best non-alcoholic beverages. We only source the good stuff: alcohol-free wine, spirits & mixers from indie makers and distilleries all over the world. We ship it, box it, and deliver it straight to your front door.

How we got started

Our founder Kat came up with the idea when she swore off booze for an entire year. The reactions were kind of…mixed. Some people were supportive, but others just couldn’t wrap their head around it. Wait, you’re serious? You mean you’ll be drinking lemonade for 12 months straight?

Well, not quite. ‘Alcohol-free’ doesn’t mean orange juice and LLBs anymore. We source non-alcoholic gin from Melbourne, zero-proof wine from London, and regret-free rum from Sweden. You could drink your way around the world, try some really interesting stuff, and not get a single hangover. Legit.

So why 'Killjoy'?

Because, gosh darn it, you shouldn’t have to feel bad for not drinking alcohol.

And you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your taste buds either.

Killjoy is all about choice. If you want to do Jaeger bombs, shave your eyebrows and build a pillow fort, go for your life. If you want to party without ethanol, that’s cool too.

We want to celebrate the non-alcoholic brewers and makers out there. The people doing delicious, weird, surprising things with grapes, hops, juniper berries and bananas.

If that makes us a killjoy, then stuff it. We’re going to wear the name with pride.